• Industrial Park Sendai / +52 456 6495245 - info@sendai.com.mx

  • Industrial Park Sendai / +52 456 6495245 - info@sendai.com.mx

  • Industrial Park Sendai / +52 456 6495245 - info@sendai.com.mx

  • Industrial Park Sendai / +52 456 6495245 - info@sendai.com.mx

  • Industrial Park Sendai / +52 456 6495245 - info@sendai.com.mx

Sendai Industrial Park is located on the highway 43, 13 km. away from Bajío industrial corridor and strategically located between Mazda and Honda plants. Designed and built based on the DNMX-R-046-SCFI-2011 mexican law for industrial parks that meets the essential criteria to ensure an optimal operation for investors.

About us

Sendai Industrial Park comes from the inspiration of a group of businessmen in Valle de Santiago in the Guanajuato State. We are a project that welcomes the national and foreign industry who want to invest in Mexico. At the same time, we are committed to the population and promoting its modernization.

Why us?

Sendai Industrial Park is a mix of infrastructure, quality services and development opportunities. We work to meet the needs of the national and international industry. We believe in the preservation of natural resources, energy-saving and recycling.

"Sendai is a vision, a dream and now a reality."

Aida Granados Guzman - Sendai Industrial Park President

MISSION: To boost industrial activity in the State of Guanajuato; to achieve this goal, we offer first class services, using an innovative real estate project;
VISION: We are a project committed with excellence; The success of Sendai will be reflected in our customers, society and human capital; we believe in competition and business dynamics;
VALUES: Sendai opens its services and welcomes domestic and foreign industry; we are determined to offer unlimited development opportunities;
OBJETIVES: Industrial Park Sendai will become a unique space where all industries coexist; at the same time, we want to reactivate the economy of a population with unlimited potential;

The Park

A group of visionaries meet, observe around and realize the needs and opportunities in their environment. That is why we believe in a better future, in the modernization of Guanajuato and in the potential of our society, so we began with the consolidation of a dream: the Industrial Park Sendai.


Sendai was a virgin soil and had to undergo several changes. To use the maximum we have created an optimal infrastructure that includes: road access, communication channels, public transport, drainage, among others.

  • Potable water
  • Sanitary sewer
  • Water treatment plant
  • Electrical substation
  • Optical fiber and telephony
  • Paved roads and access
  • Public transportation route to Valle de Santiago and Salamanca, already in operation
  • Internal regulation well established


Sendai is aware of the current supply; we have created some advantages and strategies for our clients to operate successfully.

  • Use: we have the land and first class facilities for industrial development
  • Profitability: the companies can use our resources to the maximum
  • Empathy: we are committed in advising various companies on their needs
  • Support: provide link to different companies for mutual cooperation
  • Ecology: has been a priority in the construction of Sendai
  • Sustainability: function with the economy and social conditions of the community



In Sendai we are committed with our clients. We want to provide a healthy and competitive industry dynamic. Therefore, we opened our doors and services to all types of business. Trust in us; because in Sendai our priority is the entrepreneur.

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  • Where we are

    • Industrial Park Sendai - Valle-Salamanca Road, Km. 2 s/n
      Valle de Santiago, Guanajuato, Mexico
      +52 456 6495245



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